Graph image, showing various graphs, charts and numbers representing Metriscope's product.

Here's the big grid of what we do (it's no coincidence that we do almost everything we list).

Quantum Metric
Capture every page Info Circle Icon × ×
Visual session replay Info Circle Icon
Web tag Info Circle Icon
Tagless capture Info Circle Icon × × ×
Fraud detection built-in Info Circle Icon × × × × ×
Capture JavaScript Info Circle Icon × × × ×
Machine learning Info Circle Icon × ×
Performance monitoring Info Circle Icon ×
Heatmaps Info Circle Icon
Ask custom questions (scripts) Info Circle Icon × × × × ×
Identify user frustration Info Circle Icon ×
Drill down into any data Info Circle Icon × ×
Funnel Analysis Info Circle Icon ×
Whole website visualisation Info Circle Icon × × × × ×
Option to capture PII Info Circle Icon × × × × ×
Run on premise Info Circle Icon × × × ×
Run in private cloud Info Circle Icon × × × × ×
SaaS solution Info Circle Icon
Integrate with your LDAP or other SSO Info Circle Icon × ×
Email alerts Info Circle Icon × × × ×
Page integrity protection (JS injection blocking) Info Circle Icon × × × × ×
Integrate with VoC Info Circle Icon × ×
Automatic customer feedback Info Circle Icon × × ×
Feature grid was correct at time of publication. Any inaccuracies will be corrected once we become aware.

Full training sessions
for your team.

Software is great, but if software is complex enough to do what you need, it can also be overwhelming.

Metriscope comes with full training sessions for your team, allowing you to get the most out of your investment.
However, we firmly believe that training is just the first step.

With our Customer First promise, all enterprise installations include free assitance from our staff. This helps your company make full use of our capabilities, ensuring that you get as much out of your investment as possible.

We only succeed when you see value from Metriscope. We pledge to do all we can to help you present a better website to your visitors.


Sessions Per Month
Monthly Price
Annual Price
0-1,200 £5 £50
1,201 - 3,000 £20 £200
3,001 - 15,000 £50 £500
15,001 - 36,000 £100 £1,000
36,001 - 150,000 £250 £2,500
150,001 - 390,000 £450 £4,500
390,001 - 750,000 £780 £7,800
More than 750,000 POA POA
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Have a play, you can't break it

Clicking below to use our live demo, you will see how Metriscope works on a mixture of real and simulated data. You can visit our data source, demostore.metriscope.com*, and see how your journey is recorded on Metriscope. All IP addresses and metadata are randomised for your privacy.

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