We've been busy.

I mean really really busy!

New website


Our new website has launched this morning!


We feel that this new vibrant website more closely reflects us as a company. It's lighter, more dynamic, and to be honest, just more fun. At the same time it provides more useful information in a simpler format, allowing our potential partners to find out more about us in just a small number of clicks.

Our partner in developing this new site was made of möre. They haven't asked us to mention them, but we feel they did such a good job, so quickly, that we wanted to give them a public thanks. They were a pleasure to work with.

Flowmaps | Release 23.11


After a successful Beta campaign, Metriscope is pleased to announce the release of version 23.11 of our award-winning CX analytics software for your website.

Version 23.11 brings with it

  • Javascript capture: See the state of your website's data layer at any moment.
  • Advanced CSS handling: Improvements in CSS capture and replay mean the most complex CSS morphing is now replayed perfectly.
  • Flowmaps: See how visitors are navigating across your website in real time, with an intuitive interface which allows you to drill down into any aspect of your website's flow, or to simply display the real-time data on your wall as a monitoring tool.

Versatile, extensible and
easily deployed

Graph image, showing various graphs, charts and numbers representing Metriscope's product.

Unify business systems for a holistic customer view and achieve 10x faster issue resolution with seamless integrations.

Our patented technology captures all session data and the underlying code without escalating storage costs; all easily deployed via your preferred method with an open data platform.

Open Data Platform
Ask Unlimited Questions.

  • Validate change cycles during pre-production
  • Integrate experience data with other insight systems
  • Align digital experience scores with your CRM
  • Proactively prevent abandoned transactions
Graph showing dynamic view of visits in the past week.

Deployment Options
SaaS, private cloud or on-premise

To control your own security, our software is easily installed in your preferred cloud or data center environment. Our deployment experts ensure a seamless installation.

Technical Insights
up to 10x faster issue resolution.

In complex environments, sometimes replay alone is not enough. That’s why we provide all the underlying code with every session captured. Finding and resolving complex and nuanced technical issues just became easy.

  • Access all request and response data for every journey
  • Streamline communication between departments
  • Replay what happened both technically and visually
Selected analytics option from the list and pie chart representing 75% increase in sales

Doing Good

Discounts for registered charities

As part of Metriscope's commitment to being a positive part of society, we are offering assistance to registered charities.

You're doing good for others,
let us do some good for you.

  • 50% discount on every installation, every product, and every service.

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