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Fraud Detection

Imagine, someone orders something to an address which is suspicious, or tries to order to the same address from three different accounts. Or the same user tries to login with many different usernames. You don't want to be shipping valuables off to these people until you're sure of them. Metriscope comes out of the box with templates to detect this kind of thing, and warn you in real time. We can't catch everything, fraudsters are sneaky buggers, but we can certainly make it a little harder for them.

Real World Example
Woman found a bug with magnifying glass

Bug Fixing

How many times have your dev team said "it works on my machine"? It doesn't matter that you have 850 customers all reporting the same thing, costing you £25,000, it works on their machine, so what more can they do? Well, with Metriscope, you can see what the customer saw. You can see the exact issue they had, the state of the web page, and even the javascript variables that were behind the scenes. You can see why it doesn't work on their machine, and your developers will have all the information they need to make sure it works for everyone, not just them.

Real World Example
User inspecting their website's issues


No, we don't offer therapy for your personal trauma, sorry. What we do offer is a way to examine why customers abandon a transaction, and don't spend their money with you. Whether this be because of a badly placed button, something distracts them from buying, or simply, buying doesn't work. We can help you narrow down all of the reasons, and increase sales.

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People placing data into a jar


But HOW bad is the problem? Sometimes you just need to be able to quantify things. Maybe because the CTO is breathing down your neck, or if you're the CTO, you need to know which issue to breathe down your teams neck about. With our monetisation reports, you can find out which issues to prioritise. Sometimes the frequent issue that costs 25p each time it happens, can be losing you more than the big issue that costs you thousands.

Real World Example
User looking at 3 different screen synced by the cloud

Data recovery

It's all gone. The last 127 customer orders have just vanished because someone tripped over the power cable and powered down the database without it syncing properly. But wait - with Metriscope, you have the option to configure it to capture all the customer's PII within your secure data perimeter. If you've chosen to do this, you can simply look up all of the customers from the last hour, and recreate their orders in your system. That might only take you an hour or so, as opposed to possibly waiting days for data recovery specialists to rebuild your database data. That'll give you plenty of spare time to get that cable nicely tucked away behind the desks.

Real World Example
Screen with various graphs and charts


We all love those big screens on the wall. The ones where you get rows of numbers showing you what goes up and down. Metriscope has some great visualisation options. From the basic graphs, to maps of where people buy from, to a continually updating flowmap of your entire website, showing the real big picture. That last one is really cool to watch, as well as being really informative for high level decisions.

Real World Example
User looking at screen with various charts, and graphs

Real time

Real time responsiveness. You know what that means? It means that right now, you're losing money on your pricing, and you don't need to be. You're selling something for £5 when people would pay £6 for it. How very dare they! Metriscope can be used to examine customer traffic in real time, and adjust prices to optimise revenue. Direct access to the real time data means you can even do this automatically, instead of having someone changing prices by hand.

Real World Example
Customer support on call with a client, choosing options how to help

Customer Assistance

Your customer calls you. Or text chats you. Or contacts you on social media. Whatever the cool people do these days. You can use Metriscope to immediately link to their most recent visit to your website, where you can see everything they did, and find out just what exactly their problem is. You can even see what they're doing right now. So if you see them clicking on the wrong thing you can tell them "No, not that button, the other one, the one to the left" and they'll be able to resolve their problem.

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