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New website


Our new website has launched this morning!

We feel that this new vibrant website more closely reflects us as a company. It's lighter, more dynamic, and to be honest, just more fun. At the same time it provides more useful information in a simpler format, allowing our potential partners to find out more about us in just a small number of clicks.

Our partner in developing this new site was made of möre. They haven't asked us to mention them, but we feel they did such a good job, so quickly, that we wanted to give them a public thanks. They were a pleasure to work with.

Flowmaps | Release 23.11


After a successful Beta campaign, Metriscope is pleased to announce the release of version 23.11 of our award-winning CX analytics software for your website.

Version 23.11 brings with it

  • Javascript capture: See the state of your website's data layer at any moment.
  • Advanced CSS handling: Improvements in CSS capture and replay mean the most complex CSS morphing is now replayed perfectly.
  • Flowmaps: See how visitors are navigating across your website in real time, with an intuitive interface which allows you to drill down into any aspect of your website's flow, or to simply display the real-time data on your wall as a monitoring tool.

Machine Learning


We're really excited. Black Friday gave us an opportunity to see one of our newest features in action. Metriscope's Machine Learning, as deployed in beta with a test partner, spotted that there was a problem on the customer's website.

Over the last few weeks, Metriscope Machine Learning had learned how the website should work - no configuration required - and spotted when it wasn't working as expected. It didn't know what was wrong, but it reported its suspicions to a human, and saved our test partner hundreds of lost orders, as they were able to find and quickly fix a problem using other Metriscope drill-down and analysis features.

This is the first time our Machine Learning has been deployed in the wild, and its immediate success gives us great hopes for it.

"It works on my machine"


"It works on my machine"

We've all heard it. I've said it myself so many times that I've lost count.

But if it doesn't work on the customer's machine, then that's not much use.

Thankfully, using the upcoming release of Metriscope 23.11 this month will make a serious dent in the number of times you'll hear people saying this.

With new Javascript inspection, you can replay not only the visual aspects of a user's journey across your website, you can also see the exact Javascript variables at play when an event happens, allowing you to drill down into the exact reason things happen for the customers. Even when it works on your machine.

Hundred? Bring it on!


Today we're celebrating a small milestone.

Since Metriscope obtained the rights for the User Replay platform, we've been working HARD on improving it.

This weekend our development team ticked off the hundredth ticket completed in the last 18 months. That's a hundred either bug fixes or new features, some small, some huge, at a rate of more than one a week.

We're on a roll!

Release 23.5


Metriscope has released version 23.5 of our award-winning #CX #Analytics platform

This is a maintenance release, with no new features.

Issues resolved:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Lowered memory usage
  • Increased replay fidelity.

Our next release is targeting September, and will be a feature release, with two major new features being added. Stay tuned to find out what they are!

Release 23.2


Metriscope is pleased to announce the release, on time, of version 23.2 of our award-winning CX analytics platform.

New this release:

  • Retrospective flags - spot something interesting on your website? Create a retrospective flag to see how long it's been happening for.
  • Hybrid capture - The industry-first integrated solution for capture from a page tag, and directly from the wire, combining the best of both words for more in-depth analysis and fraud detection.

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