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Today’s websites are complex, and it’s becoming more difficult than ever to maintain a consistently great customer experience for your users. Reproducing and resolving reported issues can be extremely difficult given an almost infinite combination of user behavior, browsers, networks, third party plug-ins and external APIs.

Metriscope is unique in the Customer Experience Analytics market in that it is designed to make life easier for the technical team, as well as improving revenue performance.


Metriscope makes troubleshooting straightforward. Our unique event model makes it possible to identify whether reported issues are real. If you suspect there is a problem you can easily set up a new event to listen out for it, without having to deploy a change to your site. For example if you hear users are pressing a particular button and it isn’t working, or are having to enter their zip code more than once to place their order, you can easily set up events to watch for this and see if it is really happening. You can also see how often it is happening so you can calculate the business impact.

Reports based on events take you to examples of impacted sessions. Where a specific user has reported a problem it is even easier, you can just search and find that individual user’s session.

An example session can then be replayed at video quality, and you can jump backwards and forwards to exactly when events of interest occurred. It is then possible to see what happened through the eyes of the customer and know if the ‘problem’ really is a problem.

Just seeing a problem doesn’t solve it, more technical detail is needed. That’s why Metriscope provides 100% of the technical request and response data behind every journey – to provide insight into the technical reasons of why issues are happening.

You see the actual code that ran in the browser during the session, and what caused the problem. Time consuming and frustrating replication of bugs is a thing of the past. If the problem is not real you can prove it, and if it is real you can instantly see what is happening and why and get it fixed quickly. Our customers say finding and fixing web-site issues is 5 – 10 x quicker with Metriscope.

Metriscope can interface to APM software as well, to provide even deeper insight into the causes of customer experience issues.

For example, Metriscope has an integration with New Relic’s Insights solution. This integration means you can link from a session of interest in Metriscope into New Relic, and get deeper insight into what happened technically including at the back end and infrastructure levels. Equally you can link from a session in New Relic into Metriscope and answer “when that happens what does it look like to the customer?” and if appropriate calculate precisely how much it costs in lost conversions.

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The future of optimizing your digital customer experience is here. With Metriscope, it is easy to discover and monetize the revenue opportunities in your customer journey data.

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